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Стикер из чат рулетки – Девушка в ожидании принца
Скриншот из чата Реалити
Стикер - девушка разработала Чат рулетку нового поколения
Стикер - девушка в закрытой комнате чата
Стикер – Пользователь смотрит видео трансляцию

Completely new
video chat

Private and public

Video streaming

Only here you can directly see chat rooms with girls and choose to your liking! No more endless listings with rooms filled with guys. We pick and choose the most interesting streams to suggest you. In addition, we automatically block any potentially unwarranted videos and users.

Thanks to out flexible privacy options, you can chat with single person or with a group of friends.  At the same time one room can show up to four webcams, with an unlimited number of viewers. No chat roulette can boast with such opportunities.

So that you know in advance when a girl or a guy with a webcam on will be online, and so that your fans will know when to expect you in advance. For this, we have created a video streaming schedule. All you need to do is subscribe to the user and you will always be up to date when his roulette is on.

Quizzes and other games

Стикер из Реалити. Кот выиграл в викторину

To keep you occupied in our chat, we have created a multitude of mini-games. This is a roulette and a classic quiz, a guessing game and even a gambling roulette. They can be played at the same time by turning on the web camera and while talking to other people in your chat.

By the way, you can create quiz questions automatically, but also invent them by yourself! Playing them, you will not only have fun, but also win coins which can be spent on a gift for a girl or revenge on the offender. Include mini games in your video chat and your viewers will thank you.

Our chat roulette – a great place to meet new people!

No other dating service will give you the opportunity to quickly and chat with so many girls and boys live. Our web service will speed up acquaintances and will replace your thousands of dates! Give gifts, flirt, joke or just have honest conversations. You will quickly understand whether this person suits you or should look for more. In this case, if you do not like that person, just click the button and disable their webcam. There will be no resentment and awkward situations. Believe us, on a regular date everything would be much more complicated.

Стикер из чата Реалити. Девушка влюблена
Стикер - Парням нравится чат Реалити

Communicate in a new way!

Стикер - девушка общается в чат рулетке

If you home a webcam at home and some free time. Be sure to try it out. Here you will find more than someone beautiful to chat with on a webcam, while enjoying a multitude of minigames, fun video streams, radio, and lots of other things to keep you entertained.


Many young people and even girls love video chats and actively use web cam. Since acquaintance with the help of video, without a personal meeting, is much safer. Besides, it is much easier to just turn on the video camera and quickly find a nice guy than to kill the whole day for one bad date. Moreover, the use of roulette does not require registration.

Earn money on your streams!

We understand that a quality show is not possible without earning. So, if you have 18, then our chat has several ways for you to earn real money via your own broadcast:


  1. Ask viewers to leave tips to the host. For this purpose, there is a special button, these tips are credited to your account and you can withdraw them to your Yandex account or PayPal.
  2. Chat Roulette allows you to create a list of services and provide them for money. For example, it can be a classic "give greetings", or sing a certain song, as well as all sorts of exotic requests, dance or just smile.
  3. Post reviews or news with affiliate link and get 30% of all payments from all payment that from the users that used those links and became new users.
  4. You can upload recordings of the show on YouTube and to earn via advertising, or by directly engaging with advertisers to present their products.
Заработанные в видео чате миллионы
Заработанные в видео чате миллионы
Заработанные в видео чате миллионы
Заработанные в видео чате миллионы
Заработанные в видео чате миллионы
Стикер - Ведущий популярного телешоу в чате

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